Math 2/3 Quiz
Geogebra Book
Mathematics topics specific to helping students become successful on the T.A.B.E.  Exam.
Flash Cards
$f(x)=\frac{a}{b} + c$
Computer Science
Jeopardy Games
The categories of this game are "Decimals", "Numbers", "Patterns", "Fractions", and "Percents".
Game 3
The categories of this game are "Vocabulary", "Addition", "Subtraction", "Multiplication", and "Division". 
Game 2
These are various Jeopardy games I’ve written.Each game will open in a new window.
Game 1
The categories of this game are "Patterns", "Fractions", "Percents", "Statistics/Probability", and "Measurement". 
Learn some basics of coding, using familiar games. Online courses, created by 
Computer Science
Trying to build useful activities for the “Construction” trades.
You will find dynamic worksheets to practice with, as I am able to create them. “Dynamic” means that if you refresh the page, viola, you have all new questions, and answers.  These worksheets work very nicely on most (probably all) devices. So, if you have a cell phone, you can practice until your heart is content, after school, and on the weekends.
All of the basic charts that we should be familiar with, and questions that are pertinent to our everyday experience.
Blue Prints
A lot of “averages"
Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide fractions. A few word problems, just for fun.
Word Problems
TABE (Part 1)
Triangles, rectangles, trapezoids, circles, cylinders, and a compound shape.
Similar to Part 1 of the Math TABE test, a little bit of everything.
Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide decimals numbers.   And of course, a few word problems.
All of the basic problem types, and some involving graphs.
A little bit of most arithmetic.
Same as “Shapes” above except the axes and grid is turned off.  Values must be found using the coordinates of the vertices.
Shapes (1)
Started out as an “Integers” exercise, and developed to include number lines, shapes, etc.  
Practice Worksheets